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New product ‘CONSFIDA’ added in Product Information, for nested syringe and vial.

We have developed and started to sell the CONSFIDA-2020, the world-smallest filling and closing machine for both liquid and powder and for both nested syringes and vials.

This has been developed as a ‘combination’ machine with high needs in manufacturing of a wide variety of products in small quantities, in laboratories or in manufacturing of clinical trial medicine. It is a multipurpose, all-around machine that can fill nested syringes or vials with liquid or powder, as well as close the vials by a method of aluminum winding or cap pushing with use of new mechanisms. For more details, see here.


The machine was exhibited at PharmaLab Expo TOKYO 2020 (2nd Int’l Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics R&D Expo Tokyo), which took place in Makuhari Messe from Nov. 25 to 27, 2020. We do appreciate all the visitors coming to our booth.