Business Description

Industrial machinery business

Comprehensive support for solution of production systems installed in facilities such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods etc.

Mutual's expertise in“four main areas”

1. Engineering
Supports customers in introducing production facilities including not only production lines but also utilities, from initial proposals of basic concepts to designing, installation/adjustments, trial machine running and validation

2. Manufacturing
Designs, develops and manufactures our particular blister packers Presta series, aseptic liquid fillers etc.

3. Trading
Provides customers with information on excellent machinery from home and abroad, as well as export our particular machines and also import superior machines

4. Maintenance
Offers problem-solving assistance to customers, as well as preventive maintenance and periodical inspection to keep customers from worrying about unexpected machine trouble

Making the most of our expertise in these four areas, we contribute a great deal to resolution or prevention of any sort of problems that may arise on site.

Production system development workflow


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We propose and create production lines that meet customer needs.


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We manufacture custom-made machines for each customer to realize efficient production.


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We provide users with cutting-edge information and products.


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We provide customers with peace of mind as we keep their businesses running smoothly by preventing and dealing with problems if they arise.