Mutual Corporation delivers high-performance machinery as a manufacturer.

Our Tokyo and Osaka Technical Centers focus on the development/manufacture of packaging machinery and pharmaceutical production machinery. Our Kanto factory focuses on sterile preparation, liquid filling machines. Responding to users’ requests across an extensive area, we offer a comprehensive range of industrial solutions for formulation, inspection and packaging machines.


In addition, we offer solutions which can not be achieved with standard conventional machines, using all of our know-how and expertise by customizing/integrating average machines from both domestic and overseas manufacturers to your production line.


Mutual Corporation has acquired the certification of international standard ISO9001 for quality management systems throughout the entire company. We manufacture machinery based on the highest quality standard, and predelivery inspection is carried out on every equipment and production line by our Quality Control Department. We are able to satisfy end-user’s requirements by carrying out required validation procedures such as CSV:Computer System Validation, IQ: Installation Qualification, OQ: Operation Qualification, PQ: Performance Qualification.


"Kanto Factory"- specializing in liquid medicine

Since October 2013, our Kanto Factory has enhanced our liquid filling equipment line-up further by developing equipment for sterile products and liquid medicine. In a consistent way, we disign, develop, manufacture and perform maintenance on sterile liquid filling facilities such as nested syringe filling capping machine, vial filling capping machine and film forming/filling/sealing machine.




Quality Control Department

Our Quality Control Department conducts shipping inspection, factory acceptance test (FAT), site acceptance test (SAT) or validation (qualification verification) for machines and production lines. It also supervises each and every stage of the inspection process to improve product quality and customer satisfaction.