Formulation machineLiquid filler capper

1 person filling capper WR-1FC

  • Model     :WR-1FC
  • Manufacturer:Wist

Requires only one operator to fill and cap bottles and spout pouches which are typically difficult to process with conventional machines

High-accuracy servo filling machine CPS series

  • Model     :CPS, LPS, CPR, etc.
  • Manufacturer:Wist

Supports liquid filling ranging from water to creamy product, supports both low-high viscosity liquid. Rapid product changeover

Liquid filling capper for wide range of products WB

  • Model     :WB
  • Manufacturer:Wist

Automatic filling machine for bottles in ultimate pursuit of compatibility with new products

Rotary type filling machine HL

  • Model     :HL
  • Manufacturer:Wist

Rotary type compact filling machine equipped with flxible holders, which is most suitable for manufacturing of wide variety of products in non-self-standing bottles/ easy-to-fall bottles

Servo capper SC series

  • Model     :SC
  • Manufacturer:Wist

Compact in-line capper with outstanding compatibility for new product

Cream filling machine WR-300BF

  • Model     :WR-300BF
  • Manufacturer:Wist

Rotary cream filling machine featuring compact design & degassing function