Formulation machineLiquid filler capper

Servo capper SC series

Compact in-line capper with outstanding compatibility for new product

  • Model:SC
  • Manufacturer:Wist


・Wist’s original high speed bottle changer requires no size change parts such as screw and star wheel

・SC-3TR is capable of capping unstable bottles such as wax in tall jar which can be toppled easily, which are typically difficult for capping

・Up to 99 tightening torque parameters are memorizable

・Full time monitoring during capping process

・Since it is a three finger chuck, the response width to the product is large and it will not scratch the cap

・Can be produced immediately by putting on the conveyor of your company

・Cap clamping pressure, cap pressing pressure, bottle grip pressure can be adjusted

・Optional adjustment of pump nozzle direction, chuck origin function for elliptical cap, 2 finger chuck available


Capping torque0.8 to 4.0 digital setting
Torque control systemServo control
Number of products stored120
Bottle positioning methodBottle dimensions automatic measurement control
Bottle diameterφ30 ~ φ80 mm
Bottle shoulder heightSide belt S: Shoulder Height 30 to 150
Side belt M: Shoulder height 60 to 180 mm (standard)
Applicable capChuck 1025: φ10 to φ25 mm
Chuck 2540: φ25 to φ40 mm (standard)
Chuck 4055: φ 40 to φ 55 mm
Output capacity25 to 40 bottles per minute (May vary depends on cap and bottle)
Power supplyAC100V, 15A
AirOver 5MPa, 150NL/Min