Formulation machineLiquid /powder filler

Liquid Filler & Capper Machine

Automatic filling line for container feeding by lifter, cleaning by air blow, liquid filling, inner plugging and outer cap sealing

  • Model:MAFRCX-6
  • Manufacturer:Mutual Corporation
  • Filling
  • Capping


The containers are transported by holders or with free-standing style.





Applicable productCosmetics, pharmaceutical products, foodstuff
Applicable containerBody diam. 20 to 60 mm, Height 40 to 150 mm
Filling range10 to 200 ml
Output capacityMax. 150 containers/min.
DimensionsL6,500×W2,400×H2,600 mm
WeightApprox. 3,500 kgs.
Power supply200 V, three phases, 30 kW
Compressed air0.5 Mpa, 1,500 NL