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Film Forming, Filling and Sealing Machine PRESTA-LIQUID

Liquid filling and sealing system that allows total ejection of liquid in one squeeze.

  • Manufacturer:Mutual Corporation
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・In-line production system that provides fully automated solution from forming, filling, sealing and trimming

・Provides products with superior light-shielding, moisture proof and gas barrier properties. (Aluminum laminated packaging material can also be applied)

・Minimum spill and minimum dead volume

・Packaging can be unsealed in all sides, significant reduction in waste capacity than conventional packaging


Machine speed25 strokes per minute (maximum)
Molding methodAluminum laminate film: flat convex plug
Thermoplastic film (PVC, PP etc.): Pneumatic forming
Sealing methodFlat heat sealing
Trimming methodAluminum laminate film: Rotary die cut
Thermoplastic film (PP, PVC, etc.): punching method
Power supplyAC 200 V 3 phases 15 kW
Air source100 NL / min 0.5 MPa
Machine dimensions5,252(L)×874(W)×1,500(H) mm
Machine weightApprox. 2,000 kg
Packaging materialAluminum laminate film
Packaging material maximum width300mm
Maximum film roll diameterφ350mm
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