Packaging machinePTP packaging machine

PTP packaging machine PRESTA6000

PRESTA6000, designed so compact, film waste reduced to the utmost limit

  • Model:PRESTA6000
  • Manufacturer:Mutual Corporation
  • Supports alu/alu packaging with parts changeover
  • Printer for aluminum lidding film (mounted on machine)
  • Dedicated feeder for particularly odd-shaped tablet


●High speed blister packaging machine with production capacity up to 6,000 tablets / min

●Featuring our patented technology in pocket forming process by partial heating

・Pinpoint heating only applies to pockets. No film wastage at each mechanical restart, no preheating station required

・Reduced packaging film shrinkage – prevent packaging material loss, reduce the chance of discontinuity/disruptions in the subsequent packaging process (e.g. stacking · cartoning)

・Uniform thickness of formed film

●Possible to process very thin film (110 μm)

●Supports a great variety of products

・Same forming mold can be used to process forming materials such as PP & PVC, Alu/Alu compatible with minimum part replacement

・Weekly blister sheet packaging compatible

●Compact design

・Compact design, reduced overall length of 5m

・Overall height of 1.6m, provides operator with superior visibility

・Heavy rolls of lidding material can be replaced at reduced height, at an average adult’s chest height

●Environmental measures

・With no need of preheating station, reduced power consumption, only requires power input of 30 KVA

・Reduction in generation of noise, even when tablets are being supplied only generates noise of less than 75 dB


Punching sheet600 sheets/min.
Punching cycle300 shots/min.
Blister card length85 to 134 mm
Blister card width30 to 70 mm
Forming film width170 to 290 mm
Lidding film width170 to 290 mm
Machine dimensionsL5,000 x W1,348 x H1,684 mm
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