Inspection machine /cleaning machinePinhole detection machine for pharmaceutical products

Pinhole detection machine for pharmaceutical products “LEAKPECIO”

Overcoming typical shortcomings of conventional inspection equipment, introducing the world's first inspection machine by impression method

  • Manufacturer:Joven Electric
  • Inspection head section (patented technology)
  • LEAKPECIO-handy


・Since defective products arel not damaged by our inspection equipment, it is easy to re-examine defective products and to investigate/document the cause of defects

・Possible to inspect entire surface of products

・Able to inspect products containing bubbles

・Inspection of products with partial metal construction

・Non-electrolytic solution and distilled water can be inspected


[In-line inspection device LEAKPECIO]

The entire surface of the product can be inspected simultaneously; defective products can be rejected/discharged


[Sample product inspection device LEAKPECIO-handy]

・Pinhole inspection of all kinds of products can be performed with the manual inspection device, pinhole position can be located with ease

・Manual inspection can be carried out immediately on a broad range of products


Applicable products● Pharmaceutical sealed containers
Blow fill sealed products (BFS), IV infusion bags, blood bags, eye drops, liquid foods, enema agent
● Sealed container for food
Pudding jelly, rice pack, tofu (bean curd) , dairy products, milk carton
● Other products
Plastic container, glass container, shampoo, detergent, toothpaste, waterproof hose
Power supply3-phase, 200VSingle, phase 100V
WeightApprox. 500kgApprox. 110kg
Power consumption500VA110VA
Conveyor belt speedMaximum 50m/min.
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