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Rotary type filling machine HL

Rotary type compact filling machine equipped with flxible holders, which is most suitable for manufacturing of wide variety of products in non-self-standing bottles/ easy-to-fall bottles

  • Model:HL
  • Manufacturer:Wist


・The newly developed flexible holder incorporates unique link mechanism and curved claw mechanism that apply pressure to hold and transfer bottles. The versatile design of holder stably transfers unstable bottles (e.g. mascara bottles) that may have tall center of gravity and unevenness in diameter

・Rotary type machine with single or double filling head transfers bottles in smooth intermittent motion, and the machine with quadruple or sextuple head transfers them in stable continuous motion

・By accommodating each components within the round platform, remarkable space saving and ease of maintenance can be achieved

・Since a series of processes including filling, rubber stoppering, capping and automatic discharge are completed within the round pletform therefore it can be installed in a narrow working space, making it ideal for installation in a clean booth

・Memorizing up to 99 product types including filling, capping, height and other parameters


Output30 bottles/min.40 bottles/min.60 bottles/min.
Filling methodRotary degasing filling Level monitoring filling
Filling volume3.0~33.0㏄5.0~88.0㏄10.0~550.0㏄
Number of filling headsSingleDoubleQuadrupleSextuple
Inner PluggingYes
CappingServo capper
Automatic dischargeYes
Base machineIntermittent motionContinuous motion
Applicable productsMascara, eyeliner, lip gloss and facial liquid foundationLiquid sample and liquid cosmetics in small bottlesCommon liquid cosmetics
OptionsAutomatic bottle, inner caps and outer caps supply mechanism. Total collection system of production data (analyzer). Bottle-reversing air washing machine.