February 1949

Established Mutual Trading (capital: 1.5 million yen, president: Kanji Miura), exporting domestically manufactured machineries at Ukitacho, Kita-ku, Osaka city

May 1953

Headquarters relocated to Osaka city Oyodo-ku (presently Kita-ku) Tenjinbashi Tenroku Hankyu Building
Started importing and trading industrial diamonds

May 1959

Capital increased to 6 million yen

October 1961

Started selling domestically manufactured packaging machines

May 1963

Tokyo office opened in Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

April 1967

Tokyo office relocated to Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

April 1968

Established Sogojidoki Co., Ltd. (a trade name changed to Techno Automatic Machinery Works Co., Ltd. in November 1979) as a subsidiary, which is responsible for production and aftersales service of machineries

July 1968

Capital increased to 12 million yen

March 1969

Established Nichii(LAMP)Ltd. (now a consolidated subsidiary) and commenced manufacturing suppository containers

May 1973

Kanji Miura appointed as adviser to the director, Takashi Miura as president of the company

July 1974

Capital increased to 24 million yen

July 1977

Opened a showroom for imported machineries in Nishinomiya-city, Hyogo Prefecture

November 1977

Board director adviser Kanji Miura received the medal of “Orders of the Sacred Treasure”

April 1978

Shizuoka sub-branch office opened in Shizuoka city, Shizuoka prefecture

June 1980

Relocated Tokyo office to Higashi Kanda in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

February 1982

Technical Center (present Osaka Technical Center) opened in Izumiotsu city, Osaka Prefecture, showroom /factory in Nishinomiya city, Hyogo Prefecture, closed accordingly

April 1983

Company renamed from Mutual Trading to Mutual Corporation

April 1987

Capital increased to 48 million yen

September 1987

Fukuoka sub-branch office opened in Onojo city, Fukuoka prefecture

November 1987

Tokyo Technical Service Center opened in Shirai Town, Imba-gun, Chiba Prefecture (presently Shirai-city)

June 1992

Capital increased to 64 million yen

July 1994

Establishment of Wist Co., Ltd. (presently a subsidiary) which manufactures and sales industrial machinery

April 1996

Techno Jidokiseisakusho Co., Ltd. merged into Mutual Corporation

March 1997

Capital increased to 339.25 million yen

July 1997

Promoted to Shizuoka / Fukuoka sales office to sub-branches offices

January 2001

Capital increased to 494.25 million yen

August 2001

Osaka Technical Center renovated, established an onsite showroom

May 2003

Opened Toyama sales office in Toyama city

June 2003

Registered at Japan Securities Dealers Association, increase capital to 669.7 million yen

April 2004

Mr. Takashi Miura appointed as Chairman, Koichi Miura as President/Representative Director

December 2004

Delisted from Japan Securities Dealers Association, Initial public offering (IPO) Jasdaq Securities Exchange

December 2004

Tokyo Technical Center opened in Koshigaya-city, Saitama Prefecture, and Tokyo Technical Service Center in Shiroi City, Chiba Prefecture, closed accordingly

April 2005

Established Pharmalead Reed Engineering Co., Ltd., an engineering company

May 2006

Representative director and chairman Takashi Miura received Medal with Yellow Ribbon

March 2009

Head office relocated to Osaka JA building in Kita-ku Osaka-city

September 2009

Established manufacturing subsidiary Mutual (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Samutprakarn Thailand

April 2010

Following the merger of JASDAQ Securities Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange, listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange

August 2010

Sansei Seiki Co., Ltd. became a consolidated subsidiary

February 2011

Acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification

June 2011

Mr Hiroshi Enomoto appointed as President and Representative Director

July 2013

Following the merger of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange, relisted on the Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ (Standard)

October 2013

Opened the Kanto factory in Yachimata City, Chiba Prefecture

April 2015

Merging Pharmalead Engineering Co., Ltd.

June 2015

Mr. Takashi Miura appointed as Chairman of the Representative Director

December 2016

Relocated Toyama sales office to Toyama City

January 2018

Relocated Fukuoka sales office to Fukutsu City