Formulation machineLiquid filler capper

1 person filling capper WR-1FC

Requires only one operator to fill and cap bottles and spout pouches which are typically difficult to process with conventional machines

  • Model:WR-1FC
  • Manufacturer:Wist


・Incorporating a design layout which consolidates both supply of material and visual inspection to the same working space, that enables a single operator to perform filling and capping operations with one hand, delivers a massive reduction in labor cost.

・Bottles which cannot stand upright on its own, unstable bottles and spout pouches can be firmly fixed into place by 8 clamps for filling and capping operations.

・Preventing bubble generation by vacuuming pouch prior to commencement of the filling process.

・Bottles are filled following liquid level to avoid bubble generation.

・Cappers are fitted with servomotor which offers superior repeatability and compatibility for new products.

・The entire operation is controlled by AC servomotors, there is no need for replacement parts such as cams. Capable of memorizing up to 99 product recipes, easy to control and fine-tune the filling upon changes of liquid’s viscosity.

・Newly developed platform can be equipped with all devices, which dramatically improves operation and maintenance efficiency.


Main unitProduction capacity10 to 20 per min (subject to liquid viscosity and operator’s skill)
Base machineHollow type 8 divided index
StagesSelection from stages for spouts, bottle holders or caps
Filling sectionFilling methodSpout: Vacuuming, designated volume fill
Bottle:Liquid level following, designated volume fill
Filling volumeSelection from 5.0 to 330.0 cc, 10.0 to 550.0 cc or 20.0 to 1100.00 cc
Number of memorable product recipes99: For filling amount, speed, smoothness, suck back and lifting position
Materials in contact with liquidSUS 304, Viton, resin (SUS 316 available upon request)
Capping sectionCapperServo controlled capper
Torque setting0.8~4.0Nm digital settings
OptionsBottle capping device, mini pickup robot, rejection conveyor