Formulation machineLiquid filler capper

Liquid filling capper for wide range of products WB

Automatic filling machine for bottles in ultimate pursuit of compatibility with new products

  • Model:WB
  • Manufacturer:Wist


・Compact automatic filling machine featuring direct bottle feeder to enable maximum compatibility with new products

・A newly developed pitch maker enables bottles of any shape to maintain constant distance pitch and stably conveyed without using screws, star wheels or holders

・Since there is no change parts, it can instantaneously handle new products, no added cost for change parts is required

・Filling quantity, speed, nozzle types can be memorized up to 120 product types

・Equipped with a servo filler capable of handling a great range of products with different levels of viscosity


Filling Volume5~220cc, 10~300cc, 10~500cc, 20~1000cc selectable
Filling methodPiston filler with forced changeover valve
Output capacityWB-2 20~30 bottles/min.
WB-4 30~60 bottles/min.
WB-6 40~70 bottles/min.
WB-8 60~90 bottles/min.
May vary depends on fill volume and speed
Number of products memorizable120
Applicable bottle shapesRound, square and oval
Bottle diameterφ15mm~φ80mm
Bottle heightH=60mm~200mm
Detection functionsDetects the absence of bottles
Nozzle collision detection
UtilityAC 200 V three-phase
Compressed air 0.5 Mpa or more
OptionsServo control for each axle of the filler
Filler: Check valve glass cylinder