Formulation machineLiquid filler capper

High-accuracy servo filling machine CPS series

Supports liquid filling ranging from water to creamy product, supports both low-high viscosity liquid. Rapid product changeover

  • Model:CPS, LPS, CPR, etc.
  • Manufacturer:Wist
  • Example of pouch filling
  • Wide range of nozzles


・Broad range of viscosity compatibility

・Possible to fill directly from tank placed on the floor

・Fillings can be mixed and filled

・Possible to disassemble and clean/sterilize individual parts in contact with liquid

・Rapid product changeover

・Provides smooth filling, with liquid suck back function

・Easy to move and adjust table height

・Many types of nozzles suited to liquid


Applicable productsToner, shampoo, cream, medicine, food, chemicals
Applicable viscosity1 to 100,000 cPs
Machine type10 to 1,100 ml filling and single or double heads in six models, additional custom-made models available
Output capacity1 to about 40 shots / min
Machine size850 to 900 (L) × 380 to 570 (W) × 640 to 670 (H) mm depending on model
Power consumption1.5KW
Compressed air80 to 140 NL / min depending on model