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Cream filling machine WR-300BF

Rotary cream filling machine featuring compact design & degassing function

  • Model:WR-300BF
  • Manufacturer:Wist


・Wist original linear type high speed bottle changer has no replacement parts such as screw and star wheel. Reliable bottle size change and automatic centering function

・Capable of rotating and filling even with complex bottle design at high speed, superior adaptability to variety of fluids including thick cream

・Individual speed settings available for bottom and opening of the container, ensures container to be filled from bottom to top smoothly and efficiently

・Since the whole operation is controlled by AC servomotor, there are no replacement parts such as cams. Easy to change viscosity settings for different materials with up to 99 memorizable parameters

・Performs rotary filling for high-viscosity product or direct filling from tank for low-viscosity liquid


Filling capacity10.0~330.0cc
Digitally adjustable
Digitally adjustable
Filling methodPiston type volume filling with AC servo drive
Bottle rotation, Lifting sectionRotation: MAX 1, 500 rpm 2-speed servo drive
Lift: MAX 120 mm stroke servo drive
Number of memorizable product parameters120, including filling volume, speed, smoothness, suck back, up-and-down positions and rotation speed
Materials in contact with fluidsSUS 316 Viton, resin
Filling speed20 to 30 containers / min (May vary depends on liquid properties)
Safety deviceFixing by centripetal chuck during holder rotation, emergency stop switch, servo-driven side belt
UtilitiesAC 200 V, 30 A, Air 0.5 Mpa or more