Mid-career employment

― No upper limit of age. Possible to keep working at high pay even after standard retirement age. Open to anyone of high motivation.―

Our company makes your career more valuable, regarding the hiring of industry-ready sales staff and technical (designing) staff as of much value.

Guidelines for applicants

Type of job Sales and marketing job, technical job(mechanical or electrical designing or machine manufacturing)or engineering job
Qualification for applicants ■ Sales and marketing job
- The experienced in sales and marketing of packaging, filling or inspection machines or others to manufacturing plants in pharmaceutical, cosmetics or food industries
- The experienced in after-sales service for automatic machinery

■ Technical job
The experienced in machine designing: Designing of industrial machinery, our original machines or newly developed machines (at Osaka Technical Center or Kanto Factory)
The experienced in electrical designing: Electrical designing of industrial machinery, designing of PLC ladder or control design of servomotor motion
The experienced in machine manufacturing: Assembling, finishing and adjusting of industrial machinery or maintenance of production line
The experienced in after-sales service for automatic machinery

The experienced in designing of liquid or powder fillers, packaging machines or production lines are especially highly paid, based on the capability.

■ Engineering job
The experienced in designing, management or quality control of production line

Work location ■ Sales staff
Headquarters(in Kita-ku, Osaka), Tokyo Branch, Toyama Office, Shizuoka Office or Fukuoka Office

■ Technical staff
Osaka Technical Center(in Izumiotsu, Osaka Pref.)
Tokyo Technical Center(in Koshigaya, Saitama Pref.)
Kanto Factory(in Yachimata, Chiba Pref.)

■ Engineering staff
Sales office or technical site(We have jobs which staff works in a limited location for.)

It is possible that after joining the company the staff is transferred to other business places or the overseas subsidiary, depending on aptitude.
Salary To be determined by job experience etc. regardless of age after an interview
The salary may be raised after trial period (six months).
Work hours From 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.(Lunch break from noon to 1 p.m.)
Overtime about 10 hours a week, and over 40 hours a month prohibited
Holiday and leave Holiday: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and days specified by the company
A total of 113 holidays a year (as per our own business day calendar)
One Saturday each month is a work day.
Leave : Paid holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, congratulation or condolence leave, maternity
       leave etc.
Insurance Health insurance, employees' pension insurance, industrial injury insurance and employment insurance
Benefit package Defined benefits pension plan, employee shareholding association, property accumulation savings, corporate member of resort hotels etc.

Application method

We receive your application at any time. Please forward the following documents to our General Affairs and Human Resources Division. The applicant who passes document screening is supposed to be informed of a date of the first job interview.
- Standard resume (with your picture attached)
- Resume of professional experience(If you are applying for the technical or engineering job, you are requested to describe machines or facilities you were involved in, as well as your assignment and role or task.)