Hiring of new graduates

Guidelines for applicants

― Must have a high self-motivation and self-growth. Starting salary of 250,000 yen. ―

Type of job Sales and marketing job for corporate customers, technical job or clerical post
Work location 【Sales and marketing job】
- Headquarters(in Kita-ku, Osaka)
- Tokyo Branch(in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
- Toyama Office(in Toyama City)
- Shizuoka Office(in Shizuoka City)
- Fukuoka Office(in Fukutsu City)
【Technical job】
- Headquarters(in Kita-ku, Osaka)
- Osaka Technical Center(in Izumiotsu City)
- Tokyo Technical Center(in Koshigaya City, Saitama Pref.)
- Kanto Factory(in Yachimata City, Chiba Pref.)
【Clerical post】
- Headquarters(in Kita-ku, Osaka)
Work locations etc. (here)
Number of new recruits Some
Qualification for applicants Students graduating from universities, colleges or high schools in March 2021, including graduates of last year and semi-recent college graduates
Foreign national applicants must have enough Japanese language capability for a normal everyday conversation.

Department/major Sales and marketing : Department of foreign studies preferable
Technical job : Department of electricity, electronics or mechanics

Salary University graduate    : 250,000 yen
Technical school graduate : 230,000 yen
High school graduate   : 200,000 yen

We seek people with expertise such as machine design or electrical design.
Expense of commuting Fully reimbursed(as per company regulation)
Salary raise Once a year(in April)
Bonus Twice a year(in July and December)
Work hours From 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.(Lunch break from noon to 1 p.m.), same on Saturday
Overtime about 10 hours a week, and over 40 hours a month prohibited
Holiday and leave Holiday: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and days specified by the company
A total of 113 holidays a year (as per our own business day calendar)
One Saturday each month is a work day.
Leave : Paid holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, congratulation or condolence leave, maternity
       leave etc.
Insurance Health insurance, employees' pension insurance, industrial injury insurance and employment insurance
Benefit package Defined benefits pension plan, employee shareholding association, property accumulation savings, corporate member of resort hotels etc.

Application method

Submission of documents <Application>
- Resume(Type of desired job to be written at remarks column)
- Academic transcript
- Certificate of(expected)graduation
- Medical examination report
Please forward these to the following.
General Affairs and Human Resources Division at Mutual Corporation
9th Floor, Osaka JA Building, 1-2-5, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0047
The applicant who passes document screening is supposed to have a job interview planned twice.
Visit to us We receive your visit at any time. Please do not hesitate to apply by email to the following address for the attention of Nakatani, recruitment staff.
Please fill in ①your name, ②school, ③department, ④emergency contact number(cellular phone)and ⑤desired visit date.
Application period Anytime
Screening Whenever necessary
Inquiry Please send an email to mtc-recruit@mutual.co.jp or call to 06-6315-8613(pilot number)for the attention of Nakatani, recruitment staff.


About recruitment

Please tell me the process until I receive tentative acceptance of employment.
The applicant who passes document screening has a job interview to be planned twice, adjusting the dates of the interview, and receive a personality test.
What kind of staff is required by your company?
① A person who is very positive about self-growth
② A person who has a good mind to train oneself
③ A person who challenges anything without fearing failure
Please do apply for the recruiting if you think you are the right person for these.
Is university graduates' starting salary of 250,000 yen applicable to every university graduate?
We do seek staff who is very positive about self-growth and able to be helpful. Those who are applicable to these receive the starting salary of 250,000 yen.
I am a student majoring in math and science. Can I work as sales staff in your company?
For sales staff in our company your major does not matter. What is essential is you are highly motivated as sales staff.

About jobs

Please tell me your company's strong points and outstanding characteristics.
① We are an independent Japanese company designing, manufacturing, exporting and importing automatic, labor-saving machinery to sell corporate customers especially in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.
② We have five sales offices nationwide, as well as two technical centers in Osaka and Saitama and a factory in Chiba. We are both a trading company and a maker with more than 50% of our employees being technical staff.
Please tell me your company's main customers.
Some of our main customers are Takeda Pharmaceutical, Otsuka Group etc. in pharmaceutical industries and Shiseido, Kao Corp. etc. in cosmetics industries.
Please outline the sales jobs.
Our sales staff is to sell industrial machinery such as manufacturing machines, packaging machines, inspection machines and others mainly to pharmaceutical or cosmetics makers' plants. They are responsibly in charge of sales of machines from a single machine of several million yen to a large production line as much as over one billion yen. Routine sales activities are visiting plants of pharmaceutical companies etc. to see, for example, plant managers or production managers for presentation of our machines.
Is there any difference in sales between trading company and machine maker?
The machine maker mainly sells their own products, whose variety is limited to handle. But in our case, you can handle not only our own machines but a wide variety of machines from domestic and also overseas manufacturers to select those most suited to customer requirements such as machine performance, specification and budget.
How am I assigned after joining your company?
Sales staff is assigned to Sales Division in our headquarters(Osaka Office), Tokyo Branch or other sales offices in Toyama, Shizuoka or Fukutsu. Technical staff is to the headquarters, Osaka or Tokyo Technical Center or Kanto Factory. Clerical staff is to General Affairs or Accounting Division in the headquarters.
Please tell me how Osaka or Tokyo Technical Center is different from Kanto Factory.
Osaka and Tokyo Technical Centers manufacture packaging machines and processing machinery dedicated to“solid medicine,”as well as provide after-sales service for these machines. Kanto Factory manufactures filling machines and processing machinery dedicated to“liquid medicine,”as well as provide after-sales service for these machines.
Do I get a transfer or relocation order?
Basically, you do not get transferred, but senior staff may.(We have a system for recruiting local workers in a limited area.)
How about an overseas assignment because I have a desire to work abroad?
We have an overseas subsidiary in Thailand. In accordance with your aptitude and command of foreign language, you may be transferred there after getting knowledge of machines and machine sales.
Am I ordered to make a(local)business trip?
Yes, but day business trips mainly. Sales staff needs to make distant business trips to visit customers located far away, to take them to machine makers for plant tours and machine observation or to attend predelivery machine tests at machine makers.
How about overseas business trips?
Yes, for both sales and technical staff, as we deal with lots of imported machines. The opportunities will be given not because you have a good command of foreign language but because you have enough knowledge of machines.
Please outline employee training and period after joining the company.
After joining the company you learn business manners, more about the company etc. for about a week. For another week you receive technical training about machines. After these you start to get experience from a senior mentor individually. We support those very eager to train/educate themselves to receive special training.

About benefit package

Are there bachelors' dormitories or company condominiums?
No, there aren't.