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Accumulative overwrapper (film packaging machine) CW

Much easier to use, improved upon our previous bestselling machine CW-1

  • Model:CW-2
  • Manufacturer:Mutual Corporation


・Incorporated a special mechanism in the folding kicker, eliminating need for fine adjustment which was necessary for the folding guide unit previously

・Equipped now as standard with moving cutters that were used to be an option for improved stability of machine operation at high speed

・Enlarged gull-wing covers at the front and the rear, improved operability


Applicable productsPharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics, toiletries products, others
Output capacityUp to 35 packs / min
AccessoriesSize change realized by microcomputer controller, tear tape device, print registration device
Mechanical Dimensions2,665 (L) × 1,205 (W) × 2,250 (H) mm
WeightApproximately 1,200 kg
Power supply2.2kW
Compressed air20NL/min

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